Marianne Weinberg-Benson began her career as a traditionally trained potter working in both stoneware and then porcelain.  Traveling from functional, to decorative ware her work finally became sculptural and led her to her present exploration of permanent installations of Public Art.  As you journey through the pages of this site the story of her learning and exploring to become the artist she is today will unfold. You will see her love of two and three dimensional work as well as her joy in sharing a story through her art.

“Ancestors in Our Names, in Our Souls, and in Our Heads”, Ceramic Cloisonné on a porcelain tile with mixed media, 15” X 15” X 2.5”. From the “What is in a name series” this individual tile created in a ceramic cloisonné process developed by the artist was designed to express the artist’s feelings about the heritage passed on in our family name. It is framed and has both two and three dimensional elements.

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